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Barito Renewables Subsidiary, Star Energy Geothermal, Wins Gold and Green PROPER


Barito Renewables' subsidiary, Star Energy Geothermal, has been awarded the Gold and Green predicates in the 2023 Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup (PROPER) by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).

The Gold predicate is bestowed upon Star Energy Geothermal Darajat II for the company's achievements in energy efficiency strategies and developmental processes contributing to the establishment of new well capacities. Additionally, SEG Darajat II has received recognition for its successful waste management and emissions reduction efforts.

The Green predicate is successfully achieved by Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu for the company's accomplishments in energy efficiency through innovative practices, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption by 886 MWh. The same predicate is also awarded to Star Energy Geothermal Salak for its successful energy efficiency using Brine Outfield Injection, saving a substantial amount of energy totaling 6,110 GJ.