Internal Audit

Duties and responsibilities of Internal Audit are:

  1. Prepare an annual internal audit plan, including any control risks that are of concern to Management;

  2. Carry out an annual internal audit plan, including other audit assignments requested by Management;

  3. Test and evaluate the implementation of internal control, corporate governance, and risk management systems in accordance with Company and Subsidiary Company policies;

  4. Examining and evaluating the effectiveness and effectiveness in finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology, and other activities;

  5. Provide suggestions for improvements and objective information about the activities examined at all levels of management;

  6. Make an audit report and submit the report to the President Director and Commissioner;

  7. Monitor, analyze, and report the implementation of the improvements that have been suggested;

  8. Initiating cooperation with the Audit Committee and External Auditors;

  9. Evaluating the quality of internal audit activities that have been carried out; and

  10. Conduct special checks if needed.