To transition to a cleaner future, we are committed to stay in line with the 7th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring access to Clean and Affordable Energy, and support an environmentally friendly economic development. Therefore, clean energy production is an important part of the Barito Renewables business development.
Amid the energy transition phase from the utilization of fossil-based energy to renewable energy, various countries in the world continue to strive to increase the share of renewable energy utilization. In Indonesia, Star Energy Geothermal Salak, Ltd. (SEGS), support this global effort to improve the renewable energy mix of geothermal energy utilization.
Increasing the portion of the renewable energy mix is an important initiative to achieve sustainable economic growth, as renewable energy power plants produce fewer Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions per kWh compared to fossil fuels. Our participation in accelerating this energy transition support global efforts to mitigate the climate change crisis due to global warming.