Bakti Barito

Bakti Barito Foundation


From word to deed. Bakti Barito represents a profound commitment to good.

The Bakti Barito Foundation was founded in 2011 by Barito Pacific’s founders. The Foundation serves as the Group's platform for its corporate sustainability initiatives focusing across four pillars: Environment, Economy, Society, and Education. Bakti Barito's overarching goal is to advance Barito Pacific's positive impact on the community and the environment, catalysing conditions for a more sustainable, equitable Indonesia.

Bakti Barito has over a decade of public service experience in responsible giving, nurturing human potential through education programs, conserving the environment, and economic empowerment. As the philanthropic steward of Barito Pacific and its subsidiaries, Bakti Barito concurrently oversees a diversity of CSR initiatives, ensuring broad-based alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Bakti Barito is a foundation for better. Because when Indonesia thrives, we do too.

The Bakti Barito Foundation serves as our platform for sustainability initiatives. Its focus areas are revitalizing the environment, broadening access to education, and uplifting lives and livelihoods. The foundation runs focused initiatives across four positive impact pillars: Environment, Economy, Society, and Education.

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