Who We Are

Our Values

Primed for growth. Positioned for tomorrow.

Through Star Energy Geothermal Group, we provide cleaner electricity to millions of Indonesian. Star Energy Geothermal was established in 2003, and currently is one of Indonesia’s largest geothermal energy producers. To create a brighter future for Indonesia and our world. With unparalleled geothermal expertise and deep stakeholder partnerships, Star Energy Geothermal is committed to advancing Indonesia and the world towards a more responsible form of energy. Creating brighter tomorrows begin with empowering our most powerful asset: our people. Because when they succeed, then we do too. See how you can have brighter future with us. At Star Energy Geothermal, we like to think that we are more than what we manage and operate. More than our milestones and power plants, our resources and capacities. Capabilities, principles, leadership, partnerships—this is what truly makes us. To renew the world as we know it. To lead the transition towards clean and renewable energy. Born of your world, we are hard at work to inspire a movement towards renewables, and to advance people, communities and businesses.

Our Vision

Barito Renewables’ vision is to create a sustainable future by unlocking the potential of Indonesia’s renewable energy sector to provide a reliable and cleaner energy for Indonesia.

Our Mission

Barito Renewables’ mission is to support Indonesia accelerate the transition to renewable energy by consolidating our green assets, and further developing, constructing, and operating efficient and innovative energy solutions. As a holding company and together with our subsidiaries, we are committed to minimize our environmental impact, create jobs, and support the communities we live in as we work towards a greener future for all.